AMT theses

Below is a list of PhD (and MRes where marked) theses resulting from work on AMT cruises.  Please notify the webmaster of any amendments or omissions.  Where abstracts are available they can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinked authors names.




Thesis title


Aranguren-Gassis, M. 2012 Net metabolic balance of the microbial plankton community in the subtropical North Atlantic oligotrophic gyre Universidade de Vigo
Atienza Ariznavareta, D. 2006 Ecology and ecophysiology of marine cladocera Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya
Barciela, R   Molelo trofodinamico de un ecosistema costero Universidade de Vigo
Beale, R. 2011 Quantification of Oxygenated Volatile Organic Compounds (OVOCs) in seawater University of East Anglia
Bell, TG 2006 Dimethylsulphide and ammonia in remote marine regions - an Atlantic Meridional Transect study University of East Anglia
Bonzon, M     Université de Geneve
Bowie, AR 1999 Flow injection with chemiluminescence detection for the determination of iron in surface Atlantic waters University of Plymouth
Carlier, S     Université de Lille
Charria, G. 2005 Influence of Rossby waves on the biogeochemical system in the North Atlantic Ocean: use of ocean colour remotely sensed data and of a couple physical/biogeochemical model University Paul Sabatier
Cheize, M. 2013 Iron biogeochemical cycle at the Ocean-Atmosphere interface: Fe organic speciation in rainwater and its fate after deposition in seawater European University of Brittany
Chuck, AL 2002 Biogenic halocarbons and light alkyl nitrates in the marine environment University of East Anglia
Donlon, CJ 1994 An investigation of the ocean skin temperature deviation University of Southampton
Doyle, PJ 1999   University College London
Drain, S 2003 The remote sensing of biomass (MRes) University of Plymouth
Dransfield, L 1999   University of Southampton
Farhana, BK 2006 Study on inorganic halogens and other related ions in the lower atmospheric aerosols University of East Anglia
Forster, G 2006 Nitrous oxide and methane in the Atlantic Ocean: transects from 52S to 50N during AMT University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Fuller, N 1999   University of Warwick
Gallienne, CP 1997 The development of novel techniques for the characterisation of marine zooplankton over very large spatial scales University of Plymouth
Gloël, J. 2012 Triple oxygen isotopes and oxygen/argon ratio measurements to enhance coastal and open ocean production/respiration comparisons University of East Anglia
González, N 2001 Oxygen production and respiration in oligotrophic systems of the Atlantic Ocean Universidad de Oviedo
Grefe, I. 2013 Concentration and isotopic composition of marine nitrous oxide, in particular the oxygen-17 isotope excess University of East Anglia
Hay, L. 2006 Variations in modelled and measured hyperspectral remote sensing reflectance University of Strathclyde
Heywood, J.L. 2007 Bacterioplankton community composition and activity in the Atlantic Ocean University of Southampton
Hickman, A. 2007 The photophysiology and primary productivity of phytoplankton within the deep chlorophyll maximum University of Southampton
Hill, V     Southampton Institute
Hind, A 2009 Shallow depth calcium carbonate dissolution in an acidifying ocean University of East Anglia
Hughes, J     University of Plymouth
Huskin, I 2001 Copepod herivory in the Atlantic Ocean Universidad de Oviedo
Kettle, AJ     Max Plank Institute
Kitidis, V 2002 Photoammonification and CDOM dynamics in aquatic environments University of Newcastle
Laney, S     Oregon State University
López, E 2007 Abundancia y consumo herbivoro de copepodos: importancia de los estabios juveniles Universidad de Oviedo
Lowe, CD 2005 Determination of planktonic primary production parameters in the Atlantic Ocean using in situ inherent optical properties University of Plymouth
Mahaffey, C 2003 Biogeochemical signals for the supply of nitrogen to phytoplankton in the Atlantic Ocean University of Liverpool
Mather, R. 2010 Reactivity and nature of organic nutrients in the Atlantic Ocean University of Liverpool
McKee, C 2001 Biogeochemical cycles of ammonia and dimethylsulphide in the marine environment University of East Anglia
Mino, Y     University of Nagoya
Mouriño, B 2002 Mesoscale features in the NE subtropical Atlantic: their role in the carbon budget of the euphotic layer Universidad de Vigo
Nedelec, F 2006 Implementation of a method to determine sub-nanomolar concentrations of iron in seawater and its application to the study of marine iron biogeochemistry at the ocean-shelf interface University of Southampton
Nissimov, J. 2013 Ecological and functional biodiversity in a marine algal-virus system University of Nottingham
Nobili, R. 2013 The effect of temperature and food quality on zooplankton physiology University of East Anglia
Omachi, C 2003 Investigation of primary productivity along the Atlantic Meridional Transect through FRRF University of Plymouth
Painter, SC 2006 New production in the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean University of Southampton
Pan, X 2007 The marine biogeochemistry of dissolved organic carbon and dissolved organic nutrients in the Atlantic Ocean University of Southampton
Pazo, M     Universidade de Vigo
Poulton, AJ 2002 Spatial and temporal variability of phytoplankton community composition in the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean University of Southampton
Quevedo, M 2002 The microzooplankton of the warm northeast Atlantic: community structure and cotnrol of the primary production Universidad de Oviedo
Raitsos, DE 2006 Understanding the variability of phytoplankton ecosystem function properties: a synergistic use of remote sensing and in situ data University of Plymouth
Ree, T     Max Plank Institute
Reeder, G     University of Reading
Reynolds, SE   The biogeochemistry of nitrogen in the Atlantic Ocean University of Liverpool
Sandford, R     University of Plymouth
San Martin, E 2005 Latitudinal variation in plankton size spectra along the Atlantic Ocean University of Southampton
Sargeant, S. 2013 Bacterial uptake of methanol in seawater University of Warwick
Snow, J. 2013 The influence of nutrient availability on the proteome and elemental composition of natural populations of Trichodesmium University of Southampton
Spooner, W 2002 Simulating temperature and chlorophyll variability in the western English Channel: an integrated observational/numerical approach University of Southampton
Stubbins, A 2001 Aspects of aquatic CO photoproduction from CDOM University of Newcastle
Suggett, DJ 2000 Variability of phytoplankton production rates in the Atlantic Ocean as observed using the fast repetition rate fluorometer University of Southampton
Teira, EM 2001 Producción de carbono orgánico disuelto (COD) por las poblaciones microbianas en la capa superficial del océano: varibilidad espacio-temporal y relación con la organización trófica planctónica Universidad de Vigo
Terayama, Y      
Wedyan, M 2005 Amino acids in the atmospheric and marine environments: distributions and the influence of chiral characteristics University of Liverpool
Westbrook, AG 2000 Spatial and seasonal variation in the performance of algorithms for deriving in-water properties from ocean colour University of Plymouth
Wood, P. 1998 Hyperspectral measurement and modelling of marine remote sensing reflectance University of Strathclyde
Woodd-Walker, R 2000 Spatial variation in zooplankton size and taxonomic community structure along a 50N to 50S transect of the Atlantic Ocean University of Plymouth
Wyatt, N. 2013 The biogeochemistry of iron, zinc and cobalt in the Atlantic Ocean University of Plymouth