AMT8 chlorophyll imageThe AMT8 cruise took place between 25 April and 7 June 1999 when the RRS James Clark Ross sailed from the Falkland Islands to the UK, via Ascension Island. The principal scientist was Nigel Rees from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

The cruise was divided into three legs: Stanley-Montevideo, Montevideo-Ascension and Ascension-UK, each with different scientific objectives and activities.

On leg 1 the sampling strategy was tailored to investigate the structure of eddy systems within the Brazil/Falklands confluence.

The NASA optics team joined the cruise in Montevideo which resulted in the sampling strategy on legs 2 and 3 focusing on the acquisition of optical measurements and concurrent data on phytoplankton pigments and species, zooplankton, hydrographic properties, biogases and nutrients.

Image courtesy of NEODAAS.