AMT Cruise ship from aboveAMT cruises undertake biological, chemical and physical oceanographic research during the annual return passage of research ships between the UK and the Falkland Islands, South Africa or Chile, a distance of up to 13,500km.

The transect crosses a range of ecosystems from sub-polar to tropical and from euphotic shelf seas and upwelling systems to oligotrophic mid-ocean gyres.

The cruises have contributed to over 300 refereed publications and 75 PhD theses. AMT also provides training for the next generation of scientists.   


Expressions of interest are now invited for participation in future AMT cruises, please contact Andy Rees,, for further details.

AMT26 has now finished, click here for information about the cruise

Life on board a research ship

The video below gives an insight in to what life is like on board the new RRS Discovery during a research cruise.


Cruise Departure Date Arrival Date Principal Scientist
AMT1 UK 21.09.95 Port Stanley 24.10.95 Dave Robins
AMT2 Port Stanley 22.04.96 UK 28.05.96 Dave Robins
AMT3 UK 22.04.96 Port Stanley 25.10.96 Tony Bale
AMT4 Port Stanley 21.04.97 UK 27.05.97 Tony Bale
AMT5 UK 14.09.97 Port Stanley 17.10.97 Jim Aiken
AMT6 CapeTown 14.05.98 UK 15.06.98 Jim Aiken
AMT6b Port Stanley 5.04.98 UK 4.05.98 Gerald Moore
AMT7 UK 14.09.98 Port Stanley 25.10.98 Jim Aiken
AMT8 Port Stanley 25.04.99 UK 7.06.99 Nigel Rees
AMT9 UK 15.09.99 Montevideo 13.10.99 Nigel Rees
AMT10 Montevideo 12.04.00 UK 7.05.00 Chris Gallienne
AMT11 UK 11.09.00 Montevideo 13.10.00 Malcolm Woodward
AMT12 Port Stanley 12.05.03 UK 17.06.03 Tim Jickells
AMT13 UK 10.09.03 Port Stanley 14.10.03 Carol Robinson
AMT14 Port Stanley 26.04.04 UK 2.06.04 Patrick Holligan
AMT15 UK 19.09.04 Cape Town 29.10.04 Andy Rees
AMT16 Cape Town 19.05.05 UK 29.06.05 Tony Bale
AMT17 Clyde, UK 15.10.05 Cape Town 28.11.05 Patrick Holligan
AMT18 UK 3.10.08 Falklands 10.11.08 Malcolm Woodward
AMT19 UK 13.10.09 Chile 1.12.09 Andy Rees
AMT20 Southampton, UK 12.10.10 Chile 25.11.10 Andy Rees
AMT21 Avonmouth, UK 29.09.11 Chile 14.11.11 Glen Tarran
AMT22 Southampton, UK 10.10.12 Punta Arenas, Chile 24.11.12 Glen Tarran
AMT23 Immingham, UK 7.10.13 Port Stanley, Falkland Islands 8.11.13 Mike Zubkov
AMT24 Immingham, UK 21.09.14 Punta Arenas 6.11.14 Tim Smyth
AMT25 Immingham UK 11.09.15 Port Stanley, Falkland Islands 4.11.15 Tim Smyth
AMT26 Immingham, UK 20.09.16 Falkland Islands 4.11.16 Andy Rees